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Query understanding

  • March 23, 2014 7:50 am
  1. as a classification problem: query classification
    1. Classification
      1. topic: use query topic taxonomies
      2. intents:
        1. navigational
        2. informational
        3. transactional
    2.   Solutions
      1. ad hoc threshold based — rule based
      2. machine learning
        1. classify session (not query)
        2. classify the click-through data (not query)
    3.  data
      1. aid with click through data
      2. session
    4. survey
  2. query intent as a recommendation problem
    1. people who does this means that
query expansion
three main underlying intents, namely navigational, informational, and transactional.
There exist two main “dimensions” in which query classification has been usually performed: “topic” and “intent”.
topic: movie, travel, news etc
  1. “navigational” (the user wants to reach a particular website),
  2. “informational” (the user wants to find a piece of information on the Web), and (3)
  3. “transactional” (the user wants to perform a web-mediated task).
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