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Some thoughts about Recommendations

  • August 13, 2014 7:21 pm

Popularity is meaningless, the average people’s wisdom is only informative when it comes to entertainment. Personalization based on personal interest would only end up in a concentrated  converged small subset. If you keep narrowing down the side, it would end up falls into the top 10 best seller  that genre.

What makes a new generation of recommendations system?

  1. some level of diverse — Aesthetically Tired
  2. high quality guiding source — just like when you follow some hot shots on twitter, you obtain information from them, not from average people
  3. Editor picks for you requires a human editor — not necessary to be picking everything, but need to provide sources and probably quality assurance.
  4. 80/20: some portion of human work is better than pure machine. That 20% needs not be total amount of repeating work, could be collaboration — providing source.
  5. Designing a new strategy — Do not optimize over crap. Think from scratch.
  6. Cocktail strategy — how people explore new things — a little bit of everything — best sellers, trending, personal interest, people who share similar taste, something different.
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