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Brief Summary

  • July 10, 2010 1:05 pm

Paper to read
Toward the expressive power of natural language  in  Principles of Semantic Networks
Topic on expressive power
Automatic Labeling of Semantic Roles
A good paper on semantic labeling
Mentioned of FOL being not able to express some mathematical problem
Semantic Structure — Jackendoff’s conceptual semantics
It’s a deep research and kinda complete.
Graph-based knowledge representation [electronic resource] : computational foundations of conceptual
Online, 2009, new idea
Knowledge Representation and Predicate Calculus
Let’s say it’s a simple survey on NLP
Natural Language, Knowledge Representation, and Logical Form
has a discussion on expressive power

Simple English -> FOC base
English expressive power reduction -> FOL
Statistic NLP:一个子问题,由当前概率确定;如果联系上下文,则为在给定事件下,当前事件的概率
prolog reasons with every possible rule, but here, we attach probability to each rule, when reasoning, we apply with probability.Aquist, Hoepelman, and Rohrer 1980
Simple English -> Common Logic Controlled English
Statistics on Semantic role parser
Apply relation checking and statistics in semantic role parsing for disambugulity
conceptual semantics by jackendoff

Summary One:
The books are too old to give you a new idea, you should use books as foundation and read the magazine

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